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We are a Masonic Lodge operating under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria with an international membership base. The Lodge currently has 120+ members; mainly from the District Grand Lodge of the Middle East of the Grand Lodge of Scotland (DGLME), the District Grand Lodge of the Eastern Archipelago of the Grand Lodge of England (DGLEA) and the Provincial Grand Lodge of South East Asia of the Grand Lodge of Ireland (PGLSEA).

To foster the sense of fraternity amongst members and their families, the Lodge has annual social nights and regular welcome functions for overseas Masonic guests.

SEAVIC Lodge membership provides unique opportunities for existing Freemasons and non- Freemasons to broaden their international experience by providing regular social interaction with Freemasons from countries in South East Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Members of SEAVIC Lodge have had the happy experience of developing friendships with brethren in those countries over many years.

Membership of SEAVIC Lodge offers an opportunity for joining members to develop similar, life long associations with men of common beliefs and standards in regions of SE Asia which will be demographically important for Australians in the future.

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